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View a video where Boy Bruin (CEO of Simzation) is taking a Boeing 737 to a safe landing whilest haven to coop with 1 burned engine.


737-600 flight deck 1
Category: Flight Decks

Item sold, we'll be happy to source a new flight deck for you. Please contact us for our current stock.

Simzation is very proud to offer you a one of a kind flight deck for a professional aircraft simulator project. This is the real deal, you can't imagine a better start for a Boeing 737NG flight simulator project.

This flight deck is almost ready to fly. All the interior liners, control columns, throttle quadrant, fully populated circuit breaker panels (left and right side), glareshield, control stand and the main instrument panel.

This a very rare item, 99,9% of all the Boeing 737NGs are still flying and won't be taken out of service the coming ten years. Simzation is also pleased to offer you other critical hardware like the crew seats, jumpseats, cockpit panels with a professional interface and many more items. Please take a look at the pictures and if you are seriously interested, please contact us about pricing and more details.



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